Free 3 hour Culture Matters course

This introductory course is designed to promote awareness of the complexity of culture and to explore strategies which support working in more inclusive ways.

Course Content

An outline of the session is provided below:

  • different ways of seeing things – the ‘wave’
  • what is culture
  • knowing your own culture in order to know others
  • different approaches to working cross culturally
  • culture and power
  • application of principles for working in culturally inclusive ways

Culture Matters recognises that diversity is an important part of any society by considering the underlying principles that apply in relation to diversity based on any dimension of culture including: age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, class, and ethnicity.

NOTE: We frequently use Māori as examples in this course, largely because our own organisational work in relation to the Treaty of Waitangi.  While in New Zealand there is a distinctive context for equity and cultural competence issues, the broad principles and practices included in the course are generally broadly applicable to any marginalised group.

Community groups can host a free 3 hour Culture Matters course.  All it involves is providing the venue and a cup of tea. There are no facilitator or resource costs — however there needs to be a minimum of 15 people and it must be open to the public (we advertise it on our website).

Contact our administrator for more information about this and our Treaty of Waitangi education courses and workshops