Cultural clusters

  • Overview: This trip allows you to consider some of the ways that different researchers have grouped cultures in relation to certain criteria. You may want to move systematically through every cluster or you may only want to sample a few.
  • Length of route: Depends on number of culture clusters visited
  • Level of difficulty: Medium
  • Prior knowledge required: Minimal
  • Special notes: Go to the References section if you want to find out more. You would also find relevant information in the business ‘management’ sections in public libraries.

Cultural clusters itinerary

Beginning in the 1960s, researchers in the field of business management began investigating cultural differences, trying to organise ethnic cultures in relation to different characteristics.

Their approach is to focus on the variables upon which cultures are organised rather than on trying to learn something about all cultures. For example:

  • Some cultures are individual, some are group organised.
  • Some are male, some are female.
  • Some are spiritual, some are rational.
  • And so on. Tease out the variables of any of the cultures that you are a member of —  Categories of cultures will help you make a start.

Find out more by visiting the website of Geert Hofstede.