Navigating the journey

There are three basic approaches to working with cultural diversity.

  • Become more aware of the customs and beliefs of specific cultures and changing your own practice to accommodate these differences. This approach works best if you are considering a small number of different cultures. The Cultures brochure covers this route.
  • Look for similarities and differences amongst a range of cultures. Change your own practice to accommodate more of the differences. This approach can include a larger number of cultures but is still somewhat limited. The Cultural clusters brochure covers this route.
  • Cultural safety does not require knowledge of specific cultures, rather, it is a shift in attitude towards difference. The Cultural safety brochure covers this route.

Alternative routes

  • If you would like to think a bit more about the concept of culture before considering these different approaches, use the About culture brochure.
  • For an overview of the whole topic, use the Standard tour brochure.
  • No matter what approach you choose, there are hazards to consider – if you want to view them all, use the Hazards brochure.
  • If you have enough knowledge and experience to move directly to considering possible changes to your own practice, use the In practice brochure.