• Length of route: Depends on number of cultures visited
  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • Overview: This trip allows you to get a glimpse of many different cultures. You may want to move systematically through every one or you may only want to sample a few or you may just want to know that these views are here for future reference. Note that you can look at some cultures from different perspectives.

Cultures itinerary

There are far too many cultures to be able to know about all of them. Consider some of the examples on this website, remembering that cultures are in relation to age, gender, occupation, etc as well as ethnicity. You may want to review the concept of culture before or after having looked at some examples. Hopefully this information will help you to understand the behaviour and values of others, but there are always problems associated with putting this knowledge into practice.

If you have not explored some of the Hazards on your travels, do so now. While it’s important to seriously consider the potential problems of responding to cultural diversity in the workplace, don’t let them overwhelm you. There are some simple guidelines for good practice.

Special notes: Go to the References section if you want to find out more. You would also find relevant information in the social sciences ‘etiquette’ and business ‘management’ sections in public libraries. The Internet is a valuable resource for more specific characteristics of different cultures.