Cultural safety activity

Here’s an opportunity to think about strategies that will help you increase your cultural competence.



Congratulations!!!  You have won an all-expenses paid trip to the other side of the world for you and your family.  You had work commitments so your family went ahead of you and you were to meet them one week later.

Your flight had a 12-hour stop-over in a place you’d never been before; so you decided to leave the airport to get some fresh air and see a little of the place. The local culture was one that you knew nothing about, but the people seemed very friendly, and the weather was great; so you decided to walk for a while.  After about an hour you suddenly didn’t feel very well and collapsed.  When you regained consciousness you still felt very ill.  You were in a place you had never seen before that didn’t look familiar in any way; other people there seemed to be unwell too.  When you tried to sit up, people who appeared to be well came over  and tried to communicate with you, but you didn’t have any common language.  They looked very concerned and seemed to want you to drink something but you didn’t want to as you didn’t know what it was.  You couldn’t see your clothes or a telephone and weren’t even sure that you were well enough to go to them if you could see them.

So, what would you like to be able to do?  What would you like the other people there to do to reduce the stress?